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Panzers East West

Panzers East and West:
The German 10th SS Panzer Division from the Eastern Front to Normandy

By Dieter Stenger

This book is a combat chronology of the 10th SS Panzer Division "Frundsberg" that blends the anecdotal accounts of its members with the recorded tactical and operational history of an SS panzer division continuously committed to battle from March 1944 until the division's final battles around May 1945.  From its inception on paper in December 1942 until the bitter end on the last day of the war, the 10th SS Panzer Division “Frundsberg” fought the war almost without pause but generally without its full complement of personnel or equipment at any given time, with the exception of a brief period before and after the Ardennes Offensive.  Not necessarily a combat division of great notoriety but certainly one that participated in almost every key battle of the period, in both the west and east, influencing the outcome of the war throughout its brief existence.

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Lage West 3 Aug 1944
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Lage Frankreich 6 Aug 1944

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Lage Frankreich 20 Sep 1944

Lage Frankreich 30 Sep 1944
Lage West 8 Oct 1944

Lage West 17 Oct 1944
Lage West 13 Nov 1944
Lage West 26 Nov 1944
Lage West 16 Dec 1944
Lage Frankreich 4 Jan 1945
Stargrad 1945